Frequently Asked Questions

Our independent financial advisors answer many questions from clients – and are happy to do so.

Select Asset Management - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Will My Personal Information Remain Confidential?

Select is one of the very first independent financial advisors to the English-speaking market who have succeeded in obtaining a license from the Japanese Ministry of Finance. You might be aware of how important the licensing issue is in this country. Japanese law very clearly states that without a license advice cannot be given nor can personal information be gathered and retained. Select is a modern, paperless office – any client information retained by Select is scanned into an encrypted file before being shredded.

2) How Will My Investments Be Monitored And Serviced?

In today’s financial planning environment a dedicated front office, middle office and back office approach is of paramount importance to clients. Why? Because this signals that a firm is serious about being successful for clients and their assets. That’s why Select has dedicated teams for client servicing, client advising, IT systems, and portfolio management. Our financial advisors’ responsibilities are limited to clarifying a client’s risk profile and target returns. Advisors are then required to consult Select’s Management team for their extensive experience in portfolio design, rebalance and maintenance, before making recommendations to clients.

3) What Happens When I Leave Japan?

All of our financial solutions are international. This allows clients to invest capital or receive income regardless of geographic location. Select has always had a strong commitment for servicing and communicating with clients who’ve left Japan. Clients can call us toll free using SIP technology (Internet telephony) from anywhere in the world. We’ve also added Google Talk (Google’s answer to Skype) support for overseas clients as an alternative to the more technical SIP tool. Using Google Talk means you’ll be able to call our office and speak to your financial advisors from wherever you have a reliable Internet connection.

4) What Assurances Do I Have That I'll Be Getting The Best Advice?

Select is a firm of independent financial advisors that has terms of business with all of the major institutions in this market. As such, Select is able to recommend a solution from a wide array of providers and products that best meet your situation. All of Select’s advisors have passed industry acknowledged qualifications and are actively encouraged to keep up-to-date with developments in the industry through Select’s “Continuous Development” program. However, it’s possible to be a specialist in all areas, but an expert in none. With this in mind, Select has developed a sufficiently large team of financial advisors to help avoid such a situation. All of Select’s advisors are committed to providing you with the very best independent financial advice available today. One good reason for doing this well is that satisfied clients often refer their friends and colleagues to us.

5) What Happens If My Advisor Leaves Select?

All clients are first and foremost a client of Select and not the advisor. Investment portfolio decisions and recommendations are made by Select’s Management Team, and not by the advisor. Please be assured that if your advisor was to leave it would in no way affect the performance of your investments or the service you receive. A suitable, equally qualified advisor would be made available to continue as your account manager.

6) How Can I Keep Track Of My Investments?

Select’s IT team has established a secure logon facility to the Select website. This means that clients can view their investment plan details online 24/7, regardless of their location. Financial data feeds from relevant providers are processed by our back office teams and then clearly presented across all product portfolios. Quarterly valuations are e-mailed to clients and a snapshot of expected market activity is emailed in our monthly updates.

7) I Am Busy During Normal Working Hours. When And Where Can I Meet with Select?

Select understands that many of our clients are unable to meet during normal office hours. That’s why our advisors often arrange meetings during the client’s lunch hour or make an evening appointment. Meeting locations vary from client to client. Many of our clients arrange a meeting room at their office or in a coffee shop. Some ask to meet at Select’s office, in the heart of Tokyo.

8) I Know Nothing About Personal Finance. Where Should I Start?

You could start by looking at the many financial tools available on Select’s web site. However, our clients tell us that the most effective use of their time was spent sitting down with one of our qualified advisors. They can assess your needs and priorities and come up with a number of recommended solutions.

9) I Work In The Finance Industry And Do My Own Financial Planning, Why Should I Use Select?

Many of our clients take an active interest in their own financial future. We’d recommend that you sit down with one of our advisors, if only to ensure you are making the most out of your current situation – and that there are no areas where you may be missing out. (There is no obligation on you to proceed with any of the advice discussed in this meeting. We never pressure people to make financial or investment decisions – since our business success is based on mutual trust and on recommending only the optimal financial solutions for our clients.)

10) How Does Select's Personal Financial Advisory Process Work?

Normally Select’s advisors follow a three meeting process: a) Each client’s situation is unique. That’s why the first meeting is used to gather information specific to that client. The advisor can then assess where they are now and where they would like to be financially at different points in the future. b) The second meeting is used to discuss the financial synopsis which was prepared by the advisor in step a). Your advisor will summarize your current situation, make any necessary comments on how you might reach your future goals and make any relevant recommendations. Any recommendations that are made will be presented to you in detail. You’ll also be given all of the relevant brochures and technical guides for your reference. c) The third meeting is used to answer any outstanding questions that you might have, refine any recommendations and, assuming you’re ready to proceed, fill out the necessary paperwork.

11) What's The Minimum Investment I Can Make?

Select is an independent financial advisory firm and hence the minimum investment would depend on the recommendation made. As a company, we work with people in all stages of their career from those just starting out to top executives. Our objective is that every client receives the same high level of service and advice.

12) I Have Compliance Issues, Can I Still Use Select?

Certainly – we sometimes get this question from clients working in the financial services industry. This is one of many reasons why completing a detailed financial questionnaire is critical, as it allows your advisor to take into account all relevant information when making a recommendation.